Re: Dryszczow, Dryshchuv, Poland #general


In article <>, (Alexander Sharon) writes:

Does anyone know where I can find vital records for citizens of
Dryszczow (or Dryshchuv), Poland?...
Dryszczow [spell Dree shch uff] is correct, located SE >from Chelm, close to
Zamosc province. Nearest town, where information could be located is Chelm
or second choice - Zamosc.

Be sure you have the right Dryszczow --there are two other Dryszczows in
modern Ukraine that were formerly in Poland. Both are southeast of
Lviv, in former Berezany/Brzezany county (that Dryszczow had 95 Jews out of
a population of 960 before the war), and in Pidjahci/Podhajce county
(that one had 30 Jews out of a population of 1420 before the war). The
Ukrainian spelling of the villages is Dryshchiv, and they were in Austrian
Galicia before the war.

Joe Armata

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