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At 09:21 AM 10/20/98 -0700, Schelly Dardashti wrote:

During our e-mail conversations with one member, Dr. Pavel Talalay of St.
Petersburg, who is studying/associate professor-geophysics at the
University Copenhagen for six months, he has asked me to find someone...
Pavel is looking for his good friend >from the Leningrad Mining Institute,
who graduated in 1984, and left for America in 1993-4. Aleksander
(ALEKSANDR) SOSNIN was born in Yakutsk and his father was famous geologist
Lev SOSNIN. Aleksander has a wife Elena (YELENA) and daughter Tatyana
(possibly more children now)...

I suggest you or your friend write to the main HIAS office in NYC. If his
friends came to the U.S. as refugees recently, they would most likely have
gone through the resettlement process though a HIAS affiliate in the US.
HIAS has a search department, and they will ask the affiliate that did the
resettlement to convey the request for contact to the newcomer family. If
they did not come with refugee status (i.e. on an employment visa or
other), then HIAS is unlikely to know about them. Another tack to take is
if you know what city they emigrated to, you can then telephone the local
Jewish Family Service (JFS) office (which is usually the local HIAS
affiliate) and ask them to relay the request for contact to the family. If
they immigrated to a small city or rural area without a JFS, then the
closest synaguge is the best bet. Good Luck

Dara Markowitz
New Market, MD

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