The town of Dunayov and family GOTTLIEB #general

Shirley Rosen <shirli@...>

I am posting this for a friend who has no access to e-mail or the internet.
She is looking for information about the town where her father was born. He
had explained to her that he was born a town called Dunayov, or Dunayev in
Galicia. According to his story, the village had been destroyed in the
Austro-Hungarian wars. At the end of the fighting, this woman's great great
grandfather, an officer in Franz Josef's army, was given the assignment by
to rehabilitate the village. His name was Yitzhak GOTTLIEB or GOTT. His
family was given acreage of forests, and the family continued to work in
lumbering until one member of the family was killed by a falling tree. The
family started leaving the village at the end of the 19th century. There is
apparently a plaque in the town commemorating the effort of this man to
reestablish the town.

We looked for Dunayev in the Shtetl-seeker, and found two and can't decide
which is right one. One is Dunajov, Slovakia, just south of the Polish
border, and the other is Dunayev in western Ukraine, also not far >from the
Polish border.

Does anyone have any clues as to the correct location of the town and more
on the history of the location? Is anyone else searching family in this
town? We found noone in the Family Finder.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Please reply to the e-mail addresss and I will give the replies to my friend.
Shirley Rosen

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