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My grandparents, Samuel (Shmuel) POLONETSKY and Sarah GREENBERG
Polonetsky died in Salem, Mass. My grandfather died in 1935 and my
grandmother in 1950s (?). I never knew my grandfather and hardly knew
my grandmother. Hopefully, one of the readers of this wonderful group
might know something about either or both of them.

They emigrated >from Poland (?) and lived their lives in Salem,
Massachusetts where my father, Joseph David (now deceased) was born in
1915. He was a "change of life baby"; his sisters were all older.
Their names were Etta Polonetsky GELIN; Ida Polonetsky YOFFE; Mamie
Polonetsky ARONSON; and a brother Bernard (Sheppy) Polonetsky.

If anyone has any information, I'd sure appreciate it.

I'm new to this, and am sorry I didn't ask questions of my relatives
when they were alive. Now it seems it's too late.

Thank you for any help.

Glenda Polonetsky Acker Rogers

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