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Stephen Warshall <s_warshall@...>

I am trying to locate the petition for naturalization of a relative
who was naturalized in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, in

I obtained an index to naturalizations covering the relevant period
through my local FHC (microfilm # 1023966) and indeed found my
relative listed big as life, with a pointer to his naturalization
record in "book 11, page 35"; I was briefly happy, but then my
troubles began.

First of all, the index was clearly covering several different
series of records for the same period (apparently the Court
kept separate files for ordinary aliens, minors and military
veterans), and it was quite ambiguous which series "book 11"
was in. The index seemed to indicate that my relative was in the
"minor" records, but it was not very clear. So far, not too bad; I
figured I could just order films of all three series of records and
among them find the right one. But then the big disaster:

The microfiches at the FHC indicate no Circuit Court naturalization
records at all with book (or volume) number 11 in about 1906. The
only volume 11 listed is one of much earlier naturalizations (19th
century). So presumably the book I want was never filmed. (By the
way, by coincidence, there is a vol 11 for 1906 among the records of
another court, Superior Court, but it IS just a coincidence; I

I am reluctant to send a blind request to the Circuit Court for a
lookup since I am not even able to say for sure which series of
records to look in. Is there a Cook Co maven out there who might

My query in a nutshell: what Naturalization records in the Circuit
Court have a book (or volume) 11 which covers the year 1906?
And how can I get a copy of a specific record in that book?

Stephen Warshall <>
Gloucester, MA

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