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Yaacov Tzlil <tzlil@...>

In order to stabilized the DISKIN branch of my family tree I have
to find the connection among the three sub-branches, headed by:

1. Leib Diskin (nickname  Leib "Hassid")
Was born around 1776 and live in Slonim.
Emigrate to Israel on 1809 and died here.
Leib Hassid was the grandfather of Moshe Yehoshua Yehuda
Leib Diskin (known as The Rabbi >from Brisk).

2. Avraham Diskin (was known later as Avraham Shatz).
Was born on 1782 in Brestwitz. Father name was Yaacov (Diskin).
Study in Yanov in Hazanim school and emigrate to Israel on 1853
with his two sons (Moshe Yehoshua and Simcha Shlomo - their
family name in Jerusalem was Yaniver).

3. Yehoshua Zelig Diskin
Rabbi (was born before 1822),
father of Shimon Moshe Diskin and Aharon Diskin.

Has anybody knows how they are related?

Yaacov Tzlil. Israel

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