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(I know it's a common name, but...)
I have recently discovered that my grandfather had a cousin named Hinda Ruchel
ROSENBERG (probably nee IGELMAN), born sometime around the 1870s. She came to
America >from Poland as a widow with three sons and a daughter:

#1(son): Louis ROSENBERG married a woman named Tillie, who apparently was a
niece of his. They had a son, Benjamin, who fought in WWII; and also a
daughter, Marcia (or Marsha?).

#2(son): Henry ROSENBERG married a woman >from Germany, and they adopted her
nephew, whose family had been killed in the Holocaust. Just before WWII Henry
and his wife went to Argentina, then Cuba, and were able to enter the US after
the war ended.

The adopted son of Henry married Louis' daughter, Marcia. Apparently they live
on Long Island. The name should be ROSENBERG, and he may be an accountant.

#3(daughter): the daughter married a GREENBERG/GREENSTEIN(?).

#4(son). No information.

Any information or leads would be of great help.

Thanks in advance,

David Egelman, Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

APPEL (Poland)
DORTORT (Drohobycz, Stryj, Stanislav, Lviv)
EGELMAN/IGELMAN (Warsaw, Grojec, Remberto, Bialobrzeg; also Germany)
GERMANSKY (Poland) KAHANE (Galicia)
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