Maps of Eastern Europe #general

David Gordon <dgordon@...>

Ron Feldman asked, "Is there any place I can find a more general
overview of Eastern
Europe with countries, regions and provinces for different periods of
I have recommended this book before and it is probably worth
repeating the recommendation: Paul Robert Magocsi, "Historical Atlas of
East Central Europe." It is volume I in a series called "A History of
East Central Europe," although the remaining volumes are all detailed
academic histories of the region. This particular volume is available
(or was very recently) in paperback. It is about 8-1/2 x 12 inch book
over 200 pages long. It covers the western portion of Russia all the
way west to Italy and Germany. Although it covers the period >from c.
400 to 1992, about one-half of the book cover the period >from the 16th
through the early 20th centuries. It not only includes political
boundaries and borders but economic, educational, and religious
information as well. The maps are, in a word, superb. My only
complaint would be that because of their size, great detail is simply
not possible. But if you can get access to this volume, I think you
will find it not only helpful, but downright fascinating browsing.
As the disclaimer goes, I do not know the author and I have no
pecuniary interest in the press, the book, the royalties, nor any other
conflict of interest, real or apparent. Look for the book--you'll enjoy
it and learn >from it. What more could you ask?
David Gordon
Chicago, Illinois
HORWITZ: Smolevichi, Lapichi, Bobruisk?; GORDON: Kaunas (Vilnius?)
GEBALOVITCH: Borisov; LEVIN: Kaunas; DRAZIN: Bobruisk

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