Searching WENDER in South Africa #general

Allen Rabinowitz <allenrab@...>

Shalom y'all.
I received the passenger list of the Pembroke Castle for August 12,
1899. It went >from London to South Africa.

The following people were traveling together, all listed as miners:
J. ARONOWITCH, age 26 - the apparent ticketholder.
D. WICKER, age 18
C. WENDER, age 19
J. JAFFE, age 20
M. SCHOKOR, age 22
The group was headed to Capetown.

I'm hoping that C. WENDER is my great uncle, Chaim Yitzchak Wender, who
left Lithuania (Yanova) for South Africa before the rest of his family
left for the US in 1905.

Because I have not been able to get any info on C. WENDER, I'm hoping
someone in South Africa might recognize one of the other names of people
he was traveling with. Please e-mail me privately if you can shed any
light, or make suggestions.

Thank you!

Jan Rabinowitz
Atlanta, GA

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