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The painter Henry CARO-DELVAILLE was born in 1876 in Bayonne :

Generally the Mairies don't give any information for records older
than 100 years old. If by chance they send you the birth record, there
will be perhaps a mention of marriage but not of death.

These mentions began to be written end of 19th century for marriages,
1944 for deaths.

But surely you may ask and look for the birth record in an LDS library.
As for the death record : I have seen in the "Bottin Mondain" of 1919 :
CARO-DELVAILLE was living in the 16 th arrondissement. He probably died
there. So, you may ask for the death record to :

Service de l'Etat Civil, Mairie du 16 eme arrondissement
71 avenue Henri Martin , 75116 Paris

When you don't know the arrondissement , it is possible to find a
record but it is much more difficult.
Look at Infofiles for French resources

As for his eventual children, when I go to the Mairie,
I shall have a look.

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris, France

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