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Part II: Re the Josef and Fanny BACH grave in the
Zentralfriedhof Vienna - I should have added that this
WOLF couple is also buried there: [ZF below means
graves identified at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna]:

WOLF Adele aged 38 10.06.1902
WOLF Sigmund aged 65 27.10.1921

And I should have looked at Peter's family site before
- because there we can read that the name was changed
to BACH in 1872 and that Adele was the daughter of
Josef and Fanny {nee GRUNFELD, with umlaut}.

On the Matriken in Vienna, you may see annotations re
the name change. It will probably also be mentioned on
their Meldezettel. The name change could have
coincided with Josef becoming "Secretary General" of
the Anker Insurance Co. in Vienna. If one could access
company documents, they might reveal more. BAUCH
[stomach] was probably perceived as an unsuitable name
for such an elevated position.

On the family website, there is a lovely hand-drawn
tree when you click on the tree symbol on the top left
of the page. This tree has many interesting links.

There is also a HIRSCH Partezettel with many links:

On this tree we see that Josef [ZF} and Fanny [ZF] had
8 listed children:

Adele [ZF] married Siegmund WOLF [ZF]
Max married Lilly FLEISCHER
Martha [ZF] married Fritz KHUNER [ZF]
Rudolf [ZF]
Alfred [ZF]
Clara married Heinrich BOHM {umlaut}

re Peter's original query; it was a bit misleading.
Son: Emanuel, went into the Textile trade and later
opened a "Cotton Printing Factory" in (unknown)?
Son: Bernhard, became a "Physician" in Zatec(Saaz),
south of Humpolec

refers to GRUNFELD not BAUCH and Peter tells me
that he has modified the sentence on the website to

Two other points: WStLA = Wiener Stadt und
Landesarchiv [now housed in the Gasometer] and Josef
BAUCH was a Chirorgus which got mangled into

Celia Male [U.K.]

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