London: TEUTSCH / LILIENTHAL Family #general

Luiz Alfredo Lilienthal <lilienth@...>

My grandfather, Karl LILIENTHAL (b. in Koln, 1893) had an older sister
named Else LILIENTHAL, also born in Koln (but I don't know when). They
were children of Moses and Juliette (Julie) LILIENTHAL. Else married
Karl TEUTSCH (about whom I know absolutely nothing) and had one
daughter, Annelise TEUTSCH. They moved to London around 1936. Karl
TEUTSCH died before Else and Annelise moved to London, probably in
Koln.. Else died in London, in 1973. Annelise was mentally ill, never
married and died some years (5-8) before her mother. Both were cremated,
in accordance with their wishes.
Else's death was communicated to us through a close friend of hers, Mr.
ERLE (a German gentleman living in London, whose given name is/was
probably Fritz).
Any help, ideas or tips of how to research this family will be greatly

Luiz Lilienthal
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

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