The Unbroken Chain #general

Ricki L. Zunk <rickiz@...>

Hi All:

Neil Rosenstein's book was mentioned to the group last week. For some
time now, I have been upset, because I bought a copy of it at a lecture
he gave in Westfield, NJ, on September 19, 1978. I thought that I had
inadvertently donated my copy to the Miami-Dade Library. Imagine my
pleasure at finding the book yesterday, hiding in a closet. It's even
got a dedication handwritten on the flyleaf >from Neil. I'd forgotten
just how informative the book was. Ironically, when I began my family
research in 1976, there was little help available to Jewish
genealogists. FINDING OUR FATHERS was my first "bible" for researching
Jewish roots. The second "bible" was THE UNBROKEN CHAIN. I set up my
old-fashioned paper files and my family tree outlines in the form that
Neil used in his book. I still use that as my basic repository of
information. While I just started using Family Tree Maker, I still find
my family tree outlines the most useful.

Thanks Neil. You'll never know how really helpful you were back then.
Wish I could find a connection >from any of my family lines to any of
yours. Unfortunately, I can't.

(Mrs.) Ricki Randall Zunk
Miami, FL

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