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Harold Pollins <pollins@...>

I am tracing L/Cpl Ambrose LLOYD who served in the 38th Royal Fusiliers
(Jewish) and died on 20 October 1918. He is buried in Ramleh War Cemetery,
Israel. He is listed in the Nominal Roll of the battalion in British Jewry
Book of Honour, p. 258, but shown as not dead (but many of the men who died
are shown as not dead in that book.)

Since he served in a Jewish unit one would assume that he was Jewish, and
the fact that he does not have a 'Jewish' name could easily be explained -
many men changed their name for some reason or other. He was born in North
Wales, not an area of major Jewish settlement but the town had a Jewish
community >from 1890. His place of residence was Rhostyllen, a small place
fairly near.

But one wonders why he was not buried at Ramleh with the other Jewish
soldiers in graves BB1-14. His grave is BB57, presumably among the
non-Jews. His headstone does not have a Magen David but that may not mean
anything. After the war next of kin were asked what they wanted on the
headstone and in the published Register. Many did not answer, for whatever

The Jewish battalions at first had a small sprinkling of non-Jewish NCOs. I
thought they did not serve overseas with the battalion, but perhaps they
did and perhaps he was one of them.

Has anyone any information which might be helpful?

Harold Pollins

Oxford England


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