Re: American Soldiers in Siberia #general

Stan Goodman <sheol@...>

Arlene Weiss wrote:
-> My father served in the obscure American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia in
-> 1918 through 1920. The troops arrived Vladivostock at the close of World
-> War One and were stranded there with no clear mission. I have not been
-> able to locate my father's service records. Can anyone help?

By the time your father was in the US Army, members of the American armed
services all had serial numbers. I assume you don't have his ASN. But it
would be surprising if the Adjutant General can't find both the number and
the service record, given the soldier's name, birth date, and date/place of
enlistment (or however he joined the Army). You must have written to the
Adjutant General; has he told you that the record is lost irreceverably?

Stan Goodman
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