update on MOSAIC, a Chronicle of Five Generations #general

Diane Armstrong <diwriter@...>

I recently told JewishGen readers about my family history, MOSAIC, a
Chronicle of Five Generations, which has just been published by Random
House Australia, but I didn't mention some of the family lines included in
the book.

As I mentioned, MOSAIC is a family saga which spans 100 years and four
continents and took me eight years to research. It recreates life in an
orthodox Krakow family at the turn of the century and traces the fortunes
and misfortunes of my remarkable relatives in Poland and then follows the
regeneration of the family in the United States. Israel, England, France
and Australia.

Some of the major family lines vividly described in MOSAIC are:
The Baldingers of Nowy Sacz and Krakow, the Spiras >from Szczakowa and
Krakow, the Fausts and Goldmans >from Lancut and Budy Lancutskie, the
Bratters >from Zolkiew (Zolkwa) and Lwow (Lviv).

Diane Armstrong

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