SMOLENSKI Family Photo #general

Howard Coupland <bashko@...>

I have a family photo that I would like to share circa 1905 of my pgm
Rachel SMOLENSKI (born 1880) and daughter of Shmuel Yitzhak Smolenski .she
came >from Eastern Europe in 1882 married Jacob KLEPPER >from Romania and
settled in Manchester ,England.
There were two other brothers Joshua and Peter (1886-1856) who also settled
here and changed their surname later to SMALL.
If you think there is a connection would like to see this photo then please
contact me.

Jacque Coupland (Mrs)
Leeds, UK

CAPLAN / PLOTKIN (Vilna,Lithuania)
KLEPPER (Romania) SMOLENSKI (Eastern Europe)
SHER / KATZ (Siauliau (Shavel),Lithuania) & Oslo,Norway
ABRAMSON / LIPMAN (Jeppe,Johannesburg,South Africa)

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