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Joan C. Brown <> wrote:

After examining the FHC microfiche of maps for this census,
I find it is not listed in their catalog. How can I obtain
the 1925 Manhattan census? I want to scan it myself as I
do not know the exact address.
The LDS do have microfilm copies of the 1925 New York State
census for nearly every county. They are listed in the
Family History Library Catalog (FHLC), Locality section,
under the heading:
"NEW YORK, [County] - CENSUS - [Year]"
Manhattan is New York County, so for Manhattan that would be:

This will give you the catalog entry listing the microfilm
ordering numbers. There are over a dozen microfilms for
Manhattan, arranged by Assembly and Enumeration district.

Should I be able to obtain it through my county's
inter-library loan?
No. The LDS Family History Library does not participate
in inter-library loan. You must use their microfilms at
the main library in Salt Lake City, or at one of their
over 3,200 local Family History Centers worldwide.

Also note that microfilm copies of the New York State
census are held at the New York State Library in Albany.
See <>.

The New York State Archives (in the same building in Albany)
holds manuscript copies of the 1915 and 1925 State Censuses.
Earlier state censuses are held by the county clerks.
See <>.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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