*Re: British liberators of Concentration Camps #general

Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

I suggest you have a look at this site (Tracing people lost in the Holocaust):
http://www2.3dresearch.com/~june/Vincent/Camps/MissingEng.html although
this site seems down once a while.

However, the site's authors are *real* experts in issues related to
concentration camps. I kept corresponding with Chuck Ferree
<chuckf@rio.com>, who is a marvelous human being. Write him, I believe he
will give you the right answers.

Tom Venetianer

Does anyone know where I can find records of the two concentration camps
that were liberated by the British in WWII? I believe the camps were
Bergen-Belsen and Neungamme (sp?).

Darren Wheatley

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