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A.Sharon <a.sharon@...>

May be someone can tell me what is the correct spelling and where is
the small town of "JAKSZYC" ("Yud", "Kuf", "Shin" "Yud" "Zadik")
in Poland?
It had a small Jewish Community and supposed to be located in the Warthegau
region during WWII. ..
Ada Holtzman
There are two hamlets in Poland both located in Kielce region and both
called Jaksice [pron. yah kshee tze]. In Hebrew they will be spelled
with jud (ja)-kuf (ksi)-shin (sh) yud (i)-tzadik (c).
First Jaksice is located North >from Krakow near highway 77
(Krakow-Kielce-Warsaw) close to town Miecho'w. Jaksice is a railway
station on the railway line Krakow-Warsaw.

Second Jaksice is located nowhere close to the main roads, on Wisla
River just on the border Kielce and Tarnow regions.

Here is only one unresolved question. You have mentioned that this
shtetl was located in Warthegau region during WWII. German Nazis have
divided Poland into new three regions: one of them, Poznan (Posen)region
was renamed Warthegau and Jews were expelled to east Poland, renamed
General Government. Kielce region was located in General Government
area. Konin and Lodz were in Warthegau. This is why there is a bit of
confusion: is Jaksice in Kielce region a proper shtetl you are looking

I hope that I didn't confuse you even more.

Alexander Sharon

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