Re: Ellis Island #galicia

Steven Chall <steven.chall@...>

Several people have written to me directly (in addition to those who
posted to the Discussion Group as a whole) regarding the Lee Iacocca
story I reported earlier this week. FWIW, the Ellis Island website
provides an opportunity to send them an e-mail comment. I did express my
concern but they have not responded as yet (if ever).

Steven Chall in Minneapolis, MN
ALEXANDER-&-CHALL (Dvinsk,Russia (now Latvia); before 1900)
ZELMANOV-&-HALKIN (Bobruisk, Russia; before 1907) (France; abt 1930)
BECKER-&-CHASKELEVITZ-(became_CHASWORTH) (Kishenev, Bessarabia; before
1920) (Oreyev, abt 1940)
Someday BRODSKY, COHEN, KAPLAN (Poland / Russia)
All ended up in parts of New York City

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