Re: Migration from the Russian Empire #general

Corin Goodwin <corin@...>

Does any one know where in the San Francisco area I could find "Migration
from the Russian Empire : list of passengers arriving at the Port of New
York", edited by Ira A. Glazier. I am looking for the new volumes 5&6 ,
just released. I know that volumes 1,2,3&4 are at the Santa Clara City
Library, but their on-line catalog does not have 5&6.
Alan Rosen

The FHC on Quince in Santa Clara also has vol. 1-4, but not 5&6.
However, I just requested it and they are supposed to call me when they
get them in. For all Bay Area researchers, I can post to the list
whenever they arrive.

Corin Barsily Goodwin
Cupertino, CA USA

BASOK/BARSACH -- Orsha (Mogilev), Belarus; Scotland; NYC; Providence, RI
BRAUN -- Hungary; NYC ...DU BOFF/MISTROFF -- Russia; NYC & Long Island
KANEFSKY and RIVKIN -- Elizabetgrod, Ukraine; NYC
SIGAAR -- Holland ...VAN SANTEN -- Amsterdam; NYC
WEISS -- Hungary; NYC; Middlesex, NJ

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