Naturalization #general


I have my grandmother's death certificate, her naturalization paper and the
petition number for the Declaration of Intent. I would appreciate it if
someone would please give me the address of where to write for the Declaration
of Intent. Thanks very much.
Meryl Persky
Calabasas, Ca.
DUNITZ (DUNETZ) Kovel, Russia, SALTZMAN Kovel, Russia, KETCHMAN Ukraine,
KELLNER Oustra-Polia, SUBMAN Oustra-Polia, HIRSCH (HIRSH) Grybow, Galicia,
LEDER (LEDERER) Ryglic, Galicia, GOLD Galicia,
SHEIER Galicia, SPERBER Galicia

MODERATOR NOTE: Have you checked the FAQ on Naturalization Records at
http:/ ?

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