Researching GEVELBAR (from anywhere), REINER (from Holland) #general

David Ziants <davidz@...>

To date most of my research has been focused on my paternal side of the
family. This is because I had more information on this to start with.

Hearing an interesting story during my recent family visit to England, from
my grandmother, about a half sister called Sonia of my late grandfather,
prompted me to try and find out more about my maternal side.

For the time being I will just give the basic data for this research
(which I entered into the JGFF), but if I see it is necessary I would
like to present this story to the forum as it might help track the family

My (maternal) grandfather was Jacob or Jack (Hebrew name Ya'acov) GABLE
and his father's (Hebrew) name was Aharon. Aaron bore my grandfather and
two other sons >from a second marriage.

Aharon's family name was GEVELBA, were >from (continent) Europe somewhere
but we don't anything more. My grandfather chose to shorten this family
name to GABLE, his brother Alan shortened the name to RAVELLE, and his
brother Ted to GALE.

This family was brought up in the East End of London, and were very

from Aharon's first marriage there was Sonia whom I mentioned above, and I
remember my grandfather once mentioning about a half brother who
went to Switzerland. Sonia might have two children who would now be aged
approx. 50 or 60 years old, and I would very much like to make contact
with them. I don't know if there were other children >from his first marriage.

My (maternal) grandmother's is known as Bea or Beatie, but officially her
name is Beatrice (Hebrew name Rivka), her parents were Sarah and Joe
(Hebrew name Yossef) REINER and one of the branches (don't know which one)
came to the UK >from Holland.

By the way, I was named David Yossef after this great-grandfather.

Any information about the meanings of the family names or more specific
origins of the family would be useful. Are there any second, third,...
cousins out there?

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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