German Jewish SIG #general

Arthur Obermayer <obermayer@...>

Announcing the formation of a new German Jewish SIG for all genealogists
with interests in German-speaking regions, including not only Germany
(at whatever time in history you choose), but also Austria, parts of
Switzerland, Bohemia, Moravia, Alsace, and Lorraine.

You can learn more by going to our web site at, and you can participate in our
electronic mailing list discussion group by subscribing at or sending an e-mail to and say:
subscribe gersig (your first name) (your last name)

There is no cost involved. If you do not want to receive a surfeit
of e-mails, convert your subscription to the Digest form by visiting or by sending an e-mail to with the words set gersig digest

We started out with over 100 subscribers, and the number is growing

We look forward to your joining with us.

Arthur Obermayer, Coordinator

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