Re: NARA & SSDI Order #general

Corin Goodwin <corin@...>

From: "David Gershon Leventhal" <>
Back in the beginning of September, I sent a request to NARA for
a ship passenger arrival record, and an SSDI request. In both
cases, I supplied the information and / or fees they requested,
yet I have received no response >from NARA or the FOIA since. I
know that the wait is long in many cases, but shouldn't I receive
some notification that my request was received?
Not necessarily. It took *months* for them to get back to me, and then
(unfortunately) it was with bad news -- they couldn't find any of my
requested info.

You can certainly try calling or writing again -- it can't hurt -- but
the long wait seems pretty standard.

//Corin Barsily Goodwin
Cupertino, CA USA

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