Re: towns with researchers as listed on JGFF-correction #belarus

les evenchick <levenchick@...>

There are lots of problems with town names on JGFF - one is requested to use
current name as listed in a standard cartography publication at least this
was the practice when I signed up.

For instance the town of Koidanov (about 20 km sw of Minsk) is now
officially called Dyarzhinsk, but is also spelled Dzerzhinsk on many recent
maps, several other variants also occur. Variations of the old name include
Kaidanov (no relation to the town of Kaidan), Koidanova, Koidanovo,
Kurdanov, but I am sure Koidanev is a misspelling and I never heard of
Katniew as a name for Koidanov. Keep in mind there may be Russian,
Yiddish,Polish, etc. versions for each town. In the case of Koidanov, the
railroad station still has the Koidanov name according to eye witnesses - so
what is the correct name to use when researching?

Has the JGFF naming policy been changed or is it not consistently enforced?

New Orleans, LA

Searching EVENCHICK,EVENCHIK,CHERCHESS,HELLER >from Koidanov(Dzerzhinsk) and

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