Re: Minors Travelling Alone #general

David Goldman <davic@...>

As per Jane's comments below, I want to add that my own grandfather was a
minor when he travelled alone >from Halifax Nova Scotia to Calgary Alberta
way back in 1922, to join his family. He was 15 when he got to Halifax with
them by ship >from Liverpool. At Halifax they discovered he had a *hangnail*
on his ring finger and wouldn't let him through with the rest of his family!

He stayed in some kind of hostel, on a floor all by himself for two weeks,
until they let him go on to Calgary. Even at that tender age, Grandpa was a
tough cookie. Although he spent hours in a room all by himself crying, he
promised himself he would never go back to Russia, and if they sent him
back, he would jump off the ship!

Happily, Grandpa got on the train for Calgary, and stopped on the way in
Montreal where HIAS gave him food and a chocolate bar. He ate the chocolate
very slowly, and it lasted till he got to Calgary!

David Goldman

Many minors did travel alone....their names are often listed on
the last page of the Passenger Lists, entitled Detained Aliens,
because they were held until a parent or other relative picked
them Aunt was about 10 when she travelled alone >from
Derewnia to NY, and there is a notation on the Detained Aliens

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