Re: Reunions #general

Bernard Levy <Bernie-Levy@...>

These post about reunions, together with do's and don'ts posted or in
referenced web sites are quite enlightening.

We recently had a "reunion", which we called the Levy Family Gathering
because the majority of the people had never met before. We only had
about 40+ attendees and it was held in the Social Room of my parents'
condominium building. It was also held on the day of my father's 91st
birthday so that was some of the impetus.

Since ours was relatively small, we didn't go thru all the management or
other issues brought up in this thread. It was co-chaired by myself and
a cousin whom I had never yet met. We communicated by phone and e-mail;
I took care of the genealogy and mailing of invitations, while he and
his wife took care of food and related items. It was held in NE
Philadelphia with many of the attendees coming >from there and the
suburbs, while some came >from as far as southern California.

Bernie Levy
Stamford, CT

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