Attn: subscribers #general

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

Sorry to post this to the entire list, but perhaps everybody who
uses Juno, or is considering using Juno's free email service
needs to be aware that Juno is either unwilling or unable to
deliver digests as large as those we frequently send.

Since we cannot, at this point send more than one digest a day,
and we do not believe our subscribers want to wait days for
messages and prefer the free flow of information that is the
hallmark of JewishGen.... here's the workaround:

If you want to use Juno, and you wish to continue in this forum,
you need to accept the fact that the only way is for you to
receive *individual mail* . When Juno bounces digests back to
us, it is clogging an already stretched to the limit bandwidth.
This slows up everything for everybody and that's not fair. All
Juno users have been set to individual mail.

Sorry folks, but that's the only way we can handle it.

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

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