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Hello to all!
X-message -number-5 >from 5 Nov.1998 ,searching a child >from Warsaw
inspire me to write the following story. In mid.1948 I met an orphan that
arrived to Israel >from geto Warsaw. He lost his entire family when he was
8 years old. For 2 years he survived in the geto & in 1940 he escaped
to Ostroviech(south of Warsaw)there he was caught & have been sent to
working camp.At end by the help of Joint org. he arrived to Israel.
this boy was adopted by my family and we stay & stick together ,but he
always refuses to bring up the memories >from the past he used to say
"you came to live the nature way but I came >from the heart". The least I
know are as follows:
Father's name:Katz Zalman
Mother's " :Mandel Kiele
brother " :Herschel
" " :Joseph
sister " :Reizal
and his name is Yackov (yankeil).last address in Warsaw, dszelna st.
parallel to Pabia st.
he has two children five g.children and >from time to time he cries.

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