Re: Lviv Address #general


Dear Mel and Fellow Genners,
That productive address in Lviv is:The Main Administration of the
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, The Central State Historical Archives
of Kkraine, City of Lviv, Soborna sq. 3-a, Lviv, UA-290008.....a couple
of words to the wise...they send the bill with the information, and dont
ask you in advance whether or not you want to pay for it, they Use
Bankers Trust Co in NY...acct 04 094 040 and they write in Russian, tho
they dont mind if YOU write in English...their copies are a bit hard to
read..I got a school record for my probable relative Rozalja Lowenkron
(Pinkas) >from 1922...the 6 other names on the page were Nadraski, Banas,
Jewusz, Josef Nowak, and Bachewiski, all >from the shtetl Derewnia. The
second page was a Death Record list >from 1862...very hard to read the
poor quality handwritten list...there are 22 people mentioned, all >from
the Zolkiew area with cause of death, date, address and cause of
death...Im going to take the list to a good copy center and see whether
they can get it clearer, and if it's ok with the moderator, I'll post
the list of names...OK?

Jane Lowenkron, NYC

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