Divorce records #general

David Fielker <david@...>

I had a similar situation to that of Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan. My
great-uncle Henry SCHNEEBAUM's Declaration of Intent in March 1922 said he
was living in Manhattan and his wife Blanche was living in Newark NJ,
which was a surprise because I had never heard of Blanche! Census records
and a marriage certificate confirmed that Henry had married Blanche and
they were living with her parents in Newark. As I knew he married Dora in
1923, I wondered what had happened to Blanche. There was no death record
for her in NYC or NJ, nor could anyone find a divorce record, and I began
to think she was buried under some floorboards somewhere!

Then a professional genealogist in Trenton (who I had used several times
before) came across divorce records in the Information Center of the
Superior Court of New Jersey in Trenton. If the petitioner was living in NJ
then that may be the best place to look.

David Fielker
London, UK

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