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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

You may have forgotten the details: I was always
intrigued with Jaques ABDELA, the iconic holder of
Asset File No 1 [Austrian asset files of 27th April
1938]. I decided to look into him further and a tragic
story of a double suicide of Jaques and his wife Paula
unfolded, just shortly after they filled in these
files. The asset files then gave details of their
legal heirs: Nelly {nee MAYER} KRAUS of Prague, wife
of Oskar KRAUS, as well as Rosa ABDELA [see my posting
in the message archives for 23 January, 2006].

I have followed the story still further - I always
have visions of Jaques sipping a cup of Turkish coffee
and I think I was correct as Jaques ABDELA [Kaufmann]
was born on 13.1.1877 in Corfu and he lived in Vienna
with his wife, Paula >from 1921 until their joint
suicide one sad Spring day in 1938. Paula {nee KRAUS}
was born in Vienna on 3.4.1885.

Nino ABDELA [Kaufmann] was born on 25.7.1879 in Corfu
and lived next door to Jaques >from Oct. 1928 onwards
in 4, Wohllebengasse 15/9 - he then disappeared from
the records on 9.4.1938 with the words "abgemeldet
Italien". I cannot find him on Yad Vashem, so
hopefully, he survived. He was probably the brother
of Jaques. Nino's wife, Rosa {nee KOFFLER} was born on
26.3.1895 in Pavlovice [Paulowitz nr Olmutz/Olomouc]
and also disappears - first to Gastein and then "Kur
Karlsbad CSR". Again, I cannot find her on Yad Vashem
and she too may have survived.

I have also positively identified the heirs, Nelly and
Oskar KRAUS mentioned in the will of Jaques and Paula
-they are indeed the tragic couple we see on Yad
Vashem, who Uri Meretz found were transported together
from Prague to their deaths.
Oskar (Oscar) Ludwig KRAUS was born 23.10.1878 in
Vienna {Kaufmann} - wife Nelly {nee MAYER} born
13.2.1885 lived close to Jaques and Paula ABDELA in
the 1930s in the Stadiongasse. Oskar is listed as
having departed >from Prague. Oskar was presumably
Paula's brother.

Oskar KRAUS was declared dead on 9.3.1960 - his date
of death was given as 31.12.1945 [a legal nicety].

So there we have it - two names on the asset files -
Jaques and Paula ABDELA and a terrible tragedy has
unfolded before us. Had Jaques stayed in Corfu, his
fate would probably not have been any better unless he
had taken the route of many Corfiote Jews in earlier
years and departed for Egypt and other safer shores
from whence they are now scattered throughout the
world. And another intriguing thought - in a small
area of Vienna - >from the early 1920s when Jaques and
Nino ABDELA got together with other visitors from
Corfu, there was a cluster of Ladino speakers. If you
research the Jews of Corfu, you will find that ABDELA
families had lived in the Aegean islands since the

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: "Recht als Unrecht" gives Jaques ABDELA's
birthday as 23 January, but this clearly is a
mistranscription as Jaques himself declared it as 13
January and that is the date given on the Meldezettel
as well.

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