Re: A Threatening Letter, A reasonable compromise #general

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

A similar discussion was held in this forum when the Family Tree
of The Jewish People was first announced. Specifically related
to issues of privacy of people still alive, the discussion
brought out several points, not the least of which "You can't
re-write history"

That someone was the child of a named person, grew up and
married, and had their own family.. cannot be changed. It is a
fact. But given the sensitivity of some people about their
ages, JewishGen came up with what we all believe is a
reasonable compromise.

For people born within the last 100 years where no death date is
shown, dates of birth and marriage would be removed. No message
lines which would show source data, social security numbers,
phone numbers and street address would be included.

Thus, we maintained the integrity of family relationships
without invasion of privacy. This might be a reasonable
solution to the problem being discussed. As genealogists what
we are really interested in is family why not
just leave it at that and not upset anyone by reporting their
personal data which has no bearing on the genealogy of the
family in the first place?

Carol Skydell
Chilmark MA

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