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levenchick@... writes:
<< the town of Koidanov (about 20 km sw of Minsk) is now
officially called Dyarzhinsk, but is also spelled Dzerzhinsk on many recent
maps, several other variants also occur. Variations of the old name include
First of all, let's start with no right and no wrong--just confusion.
Not all of the soundex names at JG ShtetlSeeker and FamilyFinder correspond
which makes it even more difficult to decide between similar and same named
towns. (Btw, Katniew is a name I got >from a 1933 map of Minsk, Belarus)

Going back and forth between the two sites--using a process of elimination--
this is what I found:

at JGFF using "SOUNDEX"-->
Koidenev/ Khotenovo/ Khotinovo/Koydanovo/Koidanev/Koidanovo all lead to
KOIDENEV(KOIDENEV)with 3 surnames listed

Dzerzhinsk/Dzyarzhynsk(no "K" town variation names listed) 32 surnames listed.

at JG ShtetlSDeeker using "SOUNDEX" and Minsk as my 'key location'-->
Dzerzhinsk/Dzyarzhynsk & Koydanovo/Kaydanovo/Dzyarzhynsk both at
5341 & 2708 is 30 m(< miles) WSW >from Minsk
Dzerzhinsk at 5140 & 2733 is 154 m S of Minsk
Dzerzhinskiy at 5242 & 2842 is 91 m SSE of Minsk
Khotenovo at 5408 & 2802 is 19 m NNE of Minsk
Khotinovo at 5253 & 2751 is 70 m

Koidenev KOIDENEV is not listed at shtetlseeker.

So what can we presume and who wants to assume? I gave the examples
to show that so much is a guesstimate. I'm having the same problem with
my ggm little town in Poland and my gm town in Hungary. I get 5 & 6 names
for each, 100s of miles apart or some as next door neighbors in two separate
countries on maps.

Using map coordinates would be the best method, but I don't want to
suggest that: because who knows which sound-a-like towns should be assigned
which coordinates?

Best to all,
Linda Cohen

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