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arlene parnes <arlene@...>

Once again the fact that I have placed (with the able assistance of Andy
Cassell) that Web page about Vishnevets has brought results. Not, this
time, of contact with family, but with a person whose family actually KNEW
my gf! We had a long talk and expect to keep in contact.

I was able to give him some information about another cemetery plot of the
SHTETL which he didn't know existed.

The reason I am putting this out is just to suggest, if you possibly can,
get a page up there about YOUR shtetl. One never knows what will happen.
Even if you only have a little bit that you've been able to collect.

Arlene Parnes, Orlando, FL
ARONOWITZ, Russia; Cuba; ASIA, Krements, Poland/Ukraine;
COHEN, Russia; Manchester, Eng.; EPSTEIN, Russia; GALEWITZ, Vilnius
GROBERG, Vienna ; JUVITZER/PARNES, Vishnevets, Poland/Ukraine

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