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What exactly was the CANDLE TAX?
I have been told that it was a tax collected by the Rabbi's wife to be
used for communal purposes, and that the tax was applied in Poland and
Eastern Europe. The list of contributors was recorded, and some of these
lists are still extant. <snip>
Is this information correct?
I believe this is what the Candle tax is about (and I bet Bob Weiss
could correct me :-)

Taxes were based on property, which Jews were not allowed to own. In
order to tax the Jewish people, a tax was assessed for the entire
community. The Rabbi (or someone in similar authority) was responsible
for collecting it >from community members. This was done by taxing items
-- often candles, sometimes salt, etc -- that Jews had to buy. This
community-based tax was then used to pay the government.

I don't know for sure, but I would think that the candle tax rolls would
provide some very useful information, and (possibly) more accurate than
official census information.

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