Yizkor Book Project Monthly Update #general

Martin Kessel <mkessel@...>

During the month of October the Yizkor Book Project put a record-breaking
12 new translations on our web site at <http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/>.
We now have exactly 50 Yizkor Book items on-line. A heartfelt "thank you"
to our translation donors and our HTML volunteers, and a special
appreciation to our tireless Translations Manager, Joyce Field.

The following nine items are new since our last Update:

* Berezhany, Ukraine - Translation of chapter >from Brzezany, Narajow
ve-ha-seviva; toldot kehilot she-nehrevu (Brzezany Memorial Book),
contributed by Michael Kreindler.

* Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland - Translation of portions of Sefer kehilat
Yehudei Dabrowa Gornicza ve-hurbana (Book of the Jewish community of
Dabrowa Gornicza and its destruction), translated and contributed by Lance

* Grebinki, Ukraine - Translation of Aunt Sophie's Letter, translated and
contributed by Leonard Prager.

* Jedwabne (Yedwabne), Poland - Translation of the Table of Contents and
Necrology >from Sefer Jedwabne; Historiya ve-zikaron (Yedwabne: History and
Memorial Book ), translated and contributed by Morlan Ty Rogers.

* Kozienice, Poland - Lists of martyrs >from The book of Kozienice; The
birth and the destruction of a Jewish community, contributed by Phyllis

* Piaski [Piesk], Belarus - Translation of Necrology from: Pyesk ve-Most;
sefer yizkor (Piesk (Piaski) and Most, a memorial book), transliterated and
donated by Ellen Sadove Renck.

* Sadgura, Ukraine - Translation of the chapter "Sadgura" >from Volume II of
Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina (History of the Jews in the Bukowina),
translated by Thea Waldman, contributed by Nicholas Martin.

* Suchowola, Poland - Translation of Necrology from: Khurbn Sukhovolye;
lezikorn fun a yidish shtetl tsvishn Bialystok un Grodne (The Holocaust in
Suchowola; in memory of a Jewish shtetl between Bialystok and Grodno),
transliterated and donated by Ellen Sadove Renck.

* Zheludok (Zoludek), Belarus - Translation of Table of Contents and
Necrology from: Sefer Zoludek ve-Orlowa; galed le-zikaron (The book of
Zoludek [Zhelodok] and Orlowa; a living memorial), translated by Michael
Bohnen and Ellen Sadove Renck, donated by Ellen Sadove Renck.

We would like to welcome two new volunteer HTML coders, both of whom join
us >from Israel: Jerry Esterson and Moshe Shavit. Jerry has created our web
pages listed under Siemiatycze (announced last month), Grebenki, and
Kozienice. Moshe provided the pages for Dabrowa Gornicza and Jedwabne.
They join our veteran HTML coder Mike Kalt and our translations advisor,
Susannah Juni, who has generously helping to get our web pages up-to-date.

Martin Kessel, Project Manager mkessel@jewishgen.org
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