Re: Missing family graves #general

Stephen Warshall <s_warshall@...>

Allan Jordan writes:

Going through the New York City area records I have not
been able to find either death certificate but I strongly believe
they lived/died in New York City.
No idea why New York City does not have deather certificates
-- any guesses >from anyone reading this?
I have encountered a number of NYC deaths apparently missing >from the
indexes, and they were almost invariably there, but misfiled. The
blunder seemed to arise >from the difficulty the file clerks had in
reading the handwriting of the doctors.

This poses no real problem if the errors are late in the surname, but
an error in the first letter can be a real nuisance, and misreadings
are not that uncommon with certain script capitals. Thus, for
example, capitals Y, T, I, and J are routinely confused with one
another. When I hunt for a surname beginning with one of those, I
frequently have to search in four places.

You have not mentioned the surname you are seeking. Could you be
running into a similar difficulty?

Stephen Warshall <>
Gloucester, MA

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