LDS in USA & Australia #general

Gary Luke <feraltek@...>

Thanks to all those who answered my queries about NY census and shipping

In Australia these type of Australian records are not available through
the LDS. Seems to be very different in the USA regarding local records.
Australian rates are A$7 per film. The exchange rate makes A$7 equal to
about US$11.50, so we pay three times as much as your $3.50. Films from
overseas take a couple of months, and the local main holding centre is
short of space, so many are being sent back which used to be held locally.


Gary Luke fax +61-2-9519.9907

MODERATOR CORRECTION: According to today's paper, A$1.00 = US$0.63,
approximately, not the other way around. So Mr Luke's A$7 comes to about
US$4.40. It's more than the US rate, but not nearly three times as much.
The delay, unfortunately, is subject to no such correction. :-)}

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