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steves <steves@...>

I am interested in the roots of my family.

We are currently called Schwartz. We can form Austria (Galicia).

BUT, we came to Galicia >from Milan where we were called Negri. Currently
there is a Milano Negri family that claims not to have Jewish roots.

Before Milano we were in Spain where, I am told we were also called
Negri. I have heard two stories: one that we came form mid Spain, near
Navarre, the other that we came >from Valencia.

I know that the Valencia Negris migrates, some to Italy (probably to
Longhorn) others to the Middle east where they became Balascio or
Valenscio if they were light skinned or Swade ( arabic for Black) if they
were light skinned. Some Negris also went to Brazil or Turkey.

MODERATOR NOTE: We assume that your name is Steve Schwartz and that you
are probably in Seattle. In the future, please include this information
explicitly in your posts. Also, put the surnames you are searching in ALL

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