Searching: ZAJD, ROTTER in Chmielnik, Poland #general

S A Crowley <s.crowley@...>

Greetings >from Wales...........

Please excuse me if I am wasting your time but this is posted in great
hopes of some positive result...............

I have a friend whose mother came >from Poland in 1938. They are Jewish
people. My friend's mother was here in UK when the borders closed and
later, as far as is known, her entire family perished in the Holocaust
during the Second World War. Many searches have been made of newspapers
and books and recently this lady made a visit to her homeland for the
first time since she came here - but still the search continues.......

The family names are : ZAJD ROTTER

The town is : Chmielnik

If these names are familiar or if anyone can shed any light whatsoever
that might be helpful, my friends, and I, would be most grateful.

Thank you
Sylvester Crowley

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