Re: Hard-To-Read Microfilm for 1897-1902 Passenger Ship Indices #general

ddworski@... wrote:

I tried desperately to read the microfilm at the NYPL for the above, and
the sections I wanted were basically unreadable. Is this a copy of a
copy,and is the original in NARA at DC of better quality? If not, is
there anything that can be done to improve the readibility of these

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

I have encountered the same difficulty reading the 1897-1902 ship
passenger indices at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. In fact, I
was hoping that the quality of the microfilm at the New York Public
Library would be better! On occasion, I have been able to decipher the
information by greatly enlarging the image or switching to a microfilm
reader with a super-bright light bulb.

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, Virginia U.S.A.

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