Re: What does given name "Lerle" translate to? #general


Ronald D. Doctor wrote:

I have run across an entry in one of Glazier's books for a man named
Lerle DUBINSKI. Almost all the details in the entry for Lerle and his
family match those of my great-grandfather and his family. However, my
ggf was known as Louis. Does "Lerle" translate to "Louis"? If not, what
would it translate to?

Ron Doctor

Visit the JewishGen website:
I recommend that you look at the actual ship manifest on microfilm (if
you have not already done so) to verify that the name is, in fact,
"Lerle." I have found many transcription inaccuracies in Glazier's
indices which only become apparent in a side-by side comparison of the
handwritten original manifest and Glazier's typed version of the same

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, Virginia U.S.A.

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