Seeking Help from NY/Brooklyn JewishGenner re: Orphan's Court #general

Julianne and Thomas Lockwood <juto@...>

I am seeking help >from a New York/Brooklyn JewishGenner. A little bit of
background first.

On July 23, 1902, Pauline Kirsch, then age 5, was committed to the Brooklyn
Hebrew Orphan Asylum by J.E. Dougherty. Her sister, Julia Kirsch, then
age 3, was committed to BHOA on November 17, 1902, by Homer Folks. There
was at the time, in Kings County, an "orphan's court." If, in fact,
Dougherty and/or Folks were Judges or Magistrates, (rather than, for
example social workers), there is a possibility of a court record which
might contain helpful family history information.

I've been in touch with Sarah Polirer who is the archivist of the NY
Unified Court System who has advised me to try to first determine, before
seeking actual court records, whether in fact Dougherty or Folks was
connected with the Courts. She and others suggest trying to find out by
checking the Vertical Clipping File in the Municipal Library at 31 Chamber
St., checking a Brooklyn Directory for 1902, calling the Kings County Court
to see if they maintain any records of those who have served, and checking
the Who's Who of 1902.

I am in Albuquerque, N. M. and while I have made some phone calls, apart
from checking a Who's Who which I can readily do here, the other possible
avenues of identification of these men is very difficult >from this
distance; long distance phone calls yield very little other than "Hold."
If there is someone out there in Brooklyn or environs who would be willing
to help me follow up on this, it would be most appreciated.

Julianne Lockwood


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