Re: What does given name "Lerle" translate to? #general

Mason Lilly <mlilly@...>

We need to be careful about how we use the word "translate." Most Yiddish
and Hebrew names were not translated to "American" names by our ancestors.
They were simply Anglicized -- or better, Americanized. The popular
"Moishe" or "Maishe" rarely get truely translated into Moses, but more
frequently ended up as Morris or Maurice or any of a number of names,
usually beginning with the letter "M." I'm not familiar with the name
Lerle, but I suspect it was an "old world" given name, and there's a good
chance that it ended up as Louis, especially if the rest of the family
seems to match up in the immigration records.

On 11 Nov 1998 04:01:40 -0800, (Ronald D. Doctor) wrote:

|I have run across an entry in one of Glazier's books for a man named Lerle
|DUBINSKI. Almost all the details in the entry for Lerle and his family
|match those of my great-grandfather and his family. However, my ggf was
|known as Louis. Does "Lerle" translate to "Louis"? If not, what would it
|translate to?

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