Re: Age discrepancy #general


With regard to age discrepancies, I noticed that the women in my family
seemed to age only 7 or 8 years in each 10 year US Census interval. Also
my great-aunt put her age as 18 on arrival in the US even though she was
only 14 because she was shepherding three younger children coming to join
their father in Boston and did not want it to appear that there were four
children travelling alone.

Likewise I know of a case where someone put his age as two years younger
so that he could fit as a child into the family of his uncle who was
already in the US and thereby get around the quota.

Harold Wyzansky
Cherry Hill, NJ

WYZANSKY: Suwalki -> Boston
FERRAR: Sheveneshik, Lith -> Boston
MINTZ, STEINBERG: Kedainai, Lith -> Boston
PARNES: Dukla, Galicia -> NY
HOROWITZ: Manow, Galicia
NEIMAN, FEUERWWERGER: Vishivu, Romania -> NY

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