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Adelle Gloger

Dear JewishGenners,

>Judith Romney Wegner <> wrote:
My paternal grandparents are buried at Bushey cemetery (just outside
London). My gf died in 1950, my gm in 1955. But Booba is nowhere near
Zayde -- apparently because my father and his brothers didn't think of
reserving the space, which strikes me as extraordinary in 1950! So my
Booba is in a completely different section in this enormous cemetery.

I feel compelled to a my "2 cents" on this subject.
In some Orthodox cemeteries men and women are not buried next to each
other. They may be buried in the same section, but in a different row.
In the old (1913-1920's and30's) section of the Tetiever Shul Cemetery
here in Cleveland, men and women are buried in alternating rows. Husbands
and wives are not buried next to each other. There are no family plots.
When visiting this cemetery this year before the Holidays (had not been
there since I was a child in the 1940's) I found my grgrandmother's grave
as well as other relatives. I must relate an interesting story.
My grandmother died in Israel in 1958, but had bought a burial plot in
Cleveland many, many years earlier. She had also bought a plot next to a
son who had died in 1930 just in case it was needed by another relative.
Although buried in Israel, she wanted a headstone here so that she would be
remembered. In her will she stated she she wanted to put the head stone on
the plot next to her son (he died at an early age). Even though the
'grave' was empty (only a headstone) the family could not use it because it
was in a mens row. There was a plot available in the row behind-----a
ladies row.
Perhaps some Orthodox cemeteries still separate men and women even in

Adelle Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

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