Photocopy service for JRI-Poland Shtetl CO-OPs #general

Stanley Diamond

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland announces the formal launching
of the Toronto Photocopy service for Shtetl CO-OPs.

Shtetl CO-OP volunteers will now be able to obtain copies of their index
pages >from the LDS films of Jewish vital records of Poland, through this
convenient service without leaving their homes...

This new service solves a major problem for those CO-OPs whose
members do not have easy access to an LDS Family History Center.
This is particularly the case for our Israeli volunteers since there are
no LDS Family History Centers in Israel.

So, if getting photocopies was the only reason holding you back from
starting a Shtetl CO-OP or helping out with an existing Shtetl CO-OP,
your problem is solved.

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland extends its appreciation to
Stan Zeidenberg of Toronto who heads up the Photocopy Service
and to the JGS of Canada (Toronto) which has agreed to handle
the accounting side of the activity.

For details on how to start a Shtetl CO-OP to index the Jewish vital
records for the town in Poland where your family once lived, and
for more information on the Toronto Photocopy Center, check the
Shtetl CO-OP page on the JRI-Poland web site:

Existing Shtetl CO-OPs, don't delay! Register your order for
photocopies of additional index pages with Transliteration and
Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator Hadassah Lipsius at <Kesher@...>

Stanley Diamond
Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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